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Following the creation of their restaurant La Poya in Champagny-en- Vanoise, and eight winter seasons later, Catherine and Jean-Pierre have followed the transhumance of cows and ended up in Les Coches…  They’ve embarked on a whole new adventure for the past two years in this charming Paradiski ski resort, with their restaurant right at the foot of the slopes (“piste Mont Blanc”), that is also accessible by foot or by car.  


( picture: our restaurant is named after this type of painting called a « Poya », which depicts the transhumance of cows )


The entire team of La Poya will be happy to welcome you in its warm surroundings and introduce you to both well-known and lesser-known local dishes and products.


Whether you love local cuisine or simply enjoy good food, come discover our regional specialities, quality meats or vegetarian dishes.


Our menu is available in English.

See you soon!!
sarl la poya les coches

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Guy Stacey | Réponse 27.01.2020 12.37


Your food was highly recommended by my friend who comes every year. Could I book a table for 2 people at 7.30pm on Saturday 1st Feb please?


Alison Gerard | Réponse 18.03.2018 18.44

Could I reserve a table for 3 people on Saturday 31 March at 8pm. Name is Alison Gerard. Please reply to my email address below. Thankyou

+44 7541253544 | Réponse 08.02.2018 16.39

Can I make a booking for 6.30pm, 13 February for two people? Name is John O'Connor. Email is john@simpletruths.com.au Mobile is +44 7541253544

Vanessa | Réponse 08.02.2018 14.55

Please can you tell me if you will be open for lunch the week starting Monday 5 March. There are 4 of us and we would like to come and dine with you again!!

Denise Ogilvie | Réponse 08.01.2018 15.27

Hi, Is it possible to book a table for 4 people at 7.30pm on Wednesday 7th February please? Look forward to hearing from you.
Many thanks,

Ian Malcolm | Réponse 24.12.2017 18.51

Please may I book a table for 7 for 8pm on Wednesday 27th December. I have sent you a separate email as well

lesourd 25.12.2017 11.54

Hello Ian,
Ok reservation for 7pers at 8pm on next wenesday!
Merry Christmas
Best regards

Allison Simons | Réponse 19.11.2017 23.52

Please may I book a table for 6 on Saturday 13th January at 7pm. We are a family visiting from Australia and would very much like to dine at your restaurant.

Mariëtte Sedee | Réponse 06.11.2017 09.24

Dear patron,

I would like to book a table for 8 persons for decembre 25 th. 2017
Is that possible?
Kind regards,
Mariëtte Sedee

Anna | Réponse 29.12.2016 20.55

Could I please make a reservation for 3 on 31st December at around 7pm?
Thank you. We loved it last year.
Best wishes,

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27.01 | 12:37


Your food was highly recommended by my friend who comes every year. Could I book a table for 2 people at 7.30pm on Saturday 1st Feb please?


27.12 | 22:12

Est ce possible de réservé pour le 31 au soir ?

22.03 | 19:03

Serait-il possible de réserver une table de 6 personnes pour ce samedi 23 mars à 20h ?
D avance merci

23.01 | 16:41

Please can I book a table x 6 for Mr King on Wednesday 13th February at 6.30pm?
Also can you please confirm that you have Rafclette cheese on the menu?

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