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FEATURES: Made by high density nylon material. Able to attach to any molle webbing vest, bag, backpack or duty belt. Zipper opening for the main pouch, able to store large sport water bottle. Zipper opening side pouch for small gears and accessories. Can be used as utility/magazine/dump pouch. Velcro patch can be attached on top and the side pouch.


Overview. Much like Wifi did for the internet, the MOLLE standard really opened up a lot of options for the Military Gear market. MOLLE is a whole new generation of gear sets, and with such, we pack differently than we did in days past. Back when I was in our beloved Corps, we had what was called "782 Gear" which consisted of a few different pieces of equipment, all tied together through ...

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The Fighting Load Carrier (FLC) Set, NSN 5-0575 (pictured above; sometimes called the "Rifleman Configuration"), is the most basic and commonly used assembly of these components. The FLC Set consists of the following components: 1. FLC Vest, NSN 5-0577, 1ea 2. M16/M4 Two magazine pouch, NSN 5-0606, 3ea 3.

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Get yourself a good MOLLE pack and a MOLLE belt, even a MOLLE vest, and then you can begin attaching a wide variety of other MOLLE accessories to those, such as the Raptor scissors and the holster, a knife holster, ammo pouches, medical kits, and much more.

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Shop Now: system of attaching Field Pockets, called MOLLE (MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment), is the same system the Arme...

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Compact storage for extra Cite Book, Cheat Sheet and completed copies. Quick-opening front allows rapid handling of Cites. Heavy-duty snap/strap prevents accidental opening of unit. Base 4-1/2 x 10x5/8. Anodized and powder coated variety of colors also in Black Vinyl Clad. Posse Box TTS-43 Ticket Tender.

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Two MOLLE straps on the back of the belt knife sheath with snap closures for convenient attachment to MOLLE belts, tactical vests, assault packs, or anything with a MOLLE panel Drawstring at the bottom for tying the tactical knife sheath to your leg while it is attached to your belt to …

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MOLLE Pouch Attachment Ladder System (PALS) Description. The PALS grid consists of horizontal rows of one inch wide webbing spaced one inch apart and attached to the backing (pack, vest, etc.) at intervals of 1 1/2 inch. Here is a description of how to attach a pocket to an LBE vest using PALS:

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The vest is designed to reduce heat build up on the back with mini-mum area of coverage with the H-Harness design. The wide shoulder straps of the vest help distribute the load with-out the need for excessive padding that can hinder mobility and sighting a weapon. To properly attach a pocket, choose the desired attachment point on the vest panel.

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ShapeShift MOLLE Carry Expansion Pack. Rating: 100 % of 100. $19.88. Details. Note: This product is not a complete holster and requires a Shift Shell. Equip your holstered firearm to a variety of tactical gear with the ShapeShift MOLLE Carry Expansion Pack. Carry the way you want to and attach the MOLLE Holster to range bags and gear, vests ...

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MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment) is an advanced load-bearing system made for organizing the way your gear is stored. MOLLE comes in the form of nylon loops known as PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) webbing and can be found on military backpacks, tactical vests, medical kits and much more.

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Molle vestes, molle packs, molle pouches, plate carriers and molle attachment systems at discounted prices. CopQuest (800) 728-0974.

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MOLLE Compatible Military Tactical Packs, Pouches and Vests . Browse through our large selection of MOLLE compatible military gear. These vests, packs, and pouches are compatible with authentic MOLLE military gear, allowing you to add a wide variety of attachments, customizing your gear in countless unique ways.

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Meet MOLLE. Invented in 1997 by the Natick Labs R&D division of the US Army, MOLLE panels consist of a horizontal webbing system – also called Pouch Attachment Ladder System (PALS) – that interweaves with the vertical strips on the back of accessories. The idea behind the weaving is to create a multi-point structure between the pack and the ...

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The first Land125 vest first seen issued to Special force in 2004 and issued to infantry in 2005. The different between 2005 version and 2006 version is the vest bottom attachment for belt. 2005 version were using quick release snap fasteners, the drawback of this design was not durable and easy to fell off. 2006 version were using Nylon strap as an attachment for belt.

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A MOLLE vest is a type of tactical modular vest that has many purposes. The military uses a form of MOLLE vest containing tactical armor. Hunters, paintball enthusiasts, fishermen and other outdoor-loving individuals may use them for holding clipped-on items. The main benefit of a MOLLE vest …

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The name MOLLE ( Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) comes from the straps/webbing that is covering the rucksack. Side Note: MOLLE webbing is also known as PALS - Pouch Attachment Ladder System. They're the same thing. MOLLE webbing is usually located: On the sides of the pack. On the back of the pack.

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This package contains (2) 3.1"x2" American Flag patches. Not for use on delicate fabrics. The vibrant colors will surely impressed everyone. satisfaction guaranteed. Sold in pack of 2 Hook and loop Fasteners on the Backing for attachment to Tactical hats and Gear SEW-ON INSTRUCTION - BY HAND: use 1/8-inch blanket stitch.

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It can either be threaded through the MOLLE loops or connected to the QLS 22 Receiver plate. With this receiver plate, you can quickly transfer gear between attachment points such as a MOLLE vest, belt loop, drop leg shroud or other stable platforms. This MOLLE attachment can also be adjusted in various angles for convenient carry.

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That's why we have compiled the 10 best Molle Tactical Vest considering a lot of factors such as price, quality, durability, customer satisfaction, and many more. Hope you will find the right product for you. Let's check it now. Best Molle Tactical Vest. Image. Product Title.

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This system is used to attach equipment directly to gear for quick access and to expand storage space. There are a lot of accessories that are compatible with MOLLE, but to make the most out of it, you must know how to properly use it. Step 1. Start by locating the strap(s) on the accessory, there should be a snap on the end.

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While MOLLE refers to the pieces of gear that attach on this webbing, like M4 magazine pouches or any other sort of pouches. MOLLE Connection/Closure styles When it comes to the MOLLE system there are many different connection styles for pouches some brands have come up with due to the original "Natick" snap being patented.

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Rearrange and customize the way your gear is organized with our large selection of MOLLE backpacks. MOLLE, which means Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment, allows you to attach additional pouches for increased storage capacity.. We offer many different types of backpacks with the MOLLE attachment system including the sling backpack, 3-day pack, military backpack, hydration pack, …

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The MOLLE backpack is worn as much as carried. And a lot of that functionality revolves around the MOLLE load bearing vest. The vest is made of a nylon mesh to keep it light and prevent overheating. The vest is covered in PALs webbing, so soldiers can attach pouches for magazines, grenades or whatever other equipment they need to carry.

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Like MOLLE, hydration systems were used by the military before being adopted by law enforcement. Thus, the two are natural partners as duty tools. Some police officers prefer attaching hydration pouches to the MOLLE gear on their vests, while others carry packs covered with MOLLE for easy gear attachment that contain a hydration system inside.